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Busking for extra money

I had some training as a musician, and around Christmas, I hit the streets with my brother to earn some spare money busking. We used to perform acoustically, but we couldn't keep it going for as long as we wanted. When we switched to using a microphone and a proper speaker, we could stay out there for longer and attract more passersby as our music sounded clearer and more professional. This blog has some tips for other buskers looking to buy some audio visual equipment to help increase their music quality (as well as increase the amount of money they make!).


Suggestions for Audio/Visual Equipment You Might Rent

27 February 2017
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When you need to show a proposal to a customer or client or make a presentation at the office but don't have audio/visual equipment, you can usually rent what you need very easily. Many A/V companies have a wide variety of items that will work for just about any presentation. Before you do rent, however, you want to ensure you know all the pieces available to you so you get the right ones for your needs. Read More …

Selecting the right speakers for a mobile DJ setup

17 January 2017
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It can be an overwhelming situation: You're stuck in an audio hardware store, taking a look at all the various speakers on display. Sometimes if you're lucky and ask nicely, you might even get to hear the speakers before dropping hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars on your perfect speakers. However, it's unfeasible to listen to every set of speakers to compare them. A sensible approach is to form a shortlist of potential candidates. Read More …