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I had some training as a musician, and around Christmas, I hit the streets with my brother to earn some spare money busking. We used to perform acoustically, but we couldn't keep it going for as long as we wanted. When we switched to using a microphone and a proper speaker, we could stay out there for longer and attract more passersby as our music sounded clearer and more professional. This blog has some tips for other buskers looking to buy some audio visual equipment to help increase their music quality (as well as increase the amount of money they make!).


How to Equip Yourselves Well Before You Plan Your First Gig

22 May 2018
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If you and your mates have been practising at home for some months now, you may be quite pleased with the sound that you're putting out as a fledgling group. You may certainly have bigger aspirations, but understand that you have to walk before you can run, and as such, you're looking at taking some small steps forward in order to help launch your career. With your eye on some of the local pubs in the months ahead, what type of equipment do you really need so that you can be self-sufficient and create a good impression at the same time? Read More …